Virtual EMS

Welcome to the School of Medicine and Public Health online reservation system.

You will need to create a new account before you are able to request reservations online. 
Your account must be manually activated and may take up to 24 hours.


*In the NOTES section please include the department(s) for which you wish to make reservations, or indicate if you are a student.

Not including the department(s) may result in a longer activation wait time.

**Click SAVE once, and wait for an activation email. If you receive a message that says "your email is already on file" - your account is still pending, please wait for a confirmation email. 

If you attempted to log in with a NetID email please DO NOT edit the NetID email to change it to a departmental or UW Health email address. 
This will create an error in the system and will extend your wait time.


If you need immediate assistance with your account creation please call 263-4163 or email


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